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Cut ladies leather gloves are a bright accessory, making a fashionable look unforgettable. There are two types of them - glovlet and mitts. The first one bare only the upper fingers part, having a separate hole for each phalanx, and the second completely expose all the fingers except the big one. Thanks to a wide range of "Veis" online store, you can choose ladies leather semi-gloves for any style - from classic to brutal biker.

Why are mitts of great request?

Mitts are known from the 18th century in the history of fashion - they were worn mostly by seamstresses. It was convenient to work both on the street and in poorly heated houses in such gloves. Being popular among the general population, they became as an iconic detail in the punks and bikers’ wardrobe in the 80s of the 19th century. But as a mass phenomenon in fashion mitts appeared after the famous Michael Jackson speeches, whose hands were flaunted in white cropped gloves.

Fingerless gloves are popular to this day, for several reasons:

  1. In times of gadgets, they allow to access any device without delay. You don’t need to waste time removing gloves in order to answer a call or view information on a tablet.
  2. Modern women cannot imagine themselves without a high-quality manicure. Mitts not only do not hide the well-groomed marigolds, but also emphasize their attractiveness, riveting the looks to the leather gloves without fingers. A bold, sexy cut of this accessory is in high esteem from various styles designers.
  3. Mitts are not only beautiful, but also a practical accessory, saving hands from cold.

What can be women's leather gloves without fingers?

Mitts can differ not only with style, length, color and type of material. They also have different purposes:

  • For Sport;
  • For driving;
  • For Dance;
  • For special occasions;
  • To protect against cold in winter.

For whatever purposes you are planning to buy ladies leather short gloves, you will find the needed model in the "Veis" online store.

How to choose mitts?

For a successful choice of accessory is:

  • Measure the arm width properly. You can also focus on the ordinary gloves size;
  • Choose gloves depending on the outerwear style. Long mitts are best suited for coats with short sleeves;
  • Pay attention not only to the gloves' appearance, but also to the lining.

The “To change, like gloves” phrase can be applied to the gloves themselves - and purchase several models at once in the “Veis” online store to be able to maximize their both style and personality.