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Car gloves

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Ladies car gloves

Ladies car gloves are a stylish accessory designed to make driving more comfortable, zooty and safe, while maintaining maximum hands mobility.

The key difference is the special cut. Car gloves have a notch for wrist and holes for knuckles, thanks to which they fit on the arm perfectly. Each product is equipped with a clasp on the back side for the reliable fixing. 

How to choose a lady’s car glove? 

In order for the accessory to cope with the tasks assigned to it perfectly, it is necessary to pay attention to the following criteria besides attractive design:

  • Material. Leather and suede automotive gloves are considered to be the most comfortable and safe. They are easy to wear, flexible and durable. Such products are best protected from frost in winter, increasing sweating in summer. Moreover, they do not crack at low temperatures, do not causing any trouble in the care.
  • Seasonality. Models with perforations over the entire product surface with short fingers are best suited for summer.
  • Size. Competently chosen driving gloves fit the arm tightly, but at the same time they do not hinder movement at all. You need to measure the middle finger length and palm in the widest place for a successful purchase in our online store.
  • Product color. Often, lady’s car gloves are chosen according to the wardrobe or the car color, sometimes the instrument panel color scheme is taking into account. Whatever color preferences, it is worth refraining from buying overly bright gloves so that them not to distract attention.
  • Quality of performance. A good accessory always has both thought-out cut and perfectly stitched seams.

If gloves are chosen properly, you can wear them for hours, enjoying the pleasure of driving a car. When making a purchase, it is worth remembering the driver and passengers’ safety depends on the accessory quality and convenience.

Why is it worth to buy ladies leather gloves in our online store:

  • Our site has the widest range of sizes, materials, colors and models, so you can easily find the right accessory.
  • All the products are made according to European standards, their quality and reliability are beyond competition;
  • Delivery is carried out throughout Ukraine as soon as possible.

Purchase gloves in our store to stay both modern and stylish, even driving a car!