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Unlined men’s gloves for all the occasions

Among men's leather gloves variety, the unlined products emphasize both hands elegance and beauty the best thing. We wonder, they are referred to as "unlined", translating as both "unlined" and "wrinkle-free" in the foreign interpretation. And in fact, if you want the glove clinging to your hand, like a second skin, so that there is not a single crease and unsightly furrows, decide on unlined accessories.

Leather or leather substitute?

When choosing thin gloves, preference should be given to models made of leather, as they retain heat much better than accessories made of artificial leather (including popular eco-leather). Given the absence of any other layers in such products, this factor is decisive in favor of leather gloves without lining for usage in the cold season. 
Also, accessories without lining, made of leather, have other advantages:

  • Hands have an opportunity to "breathe", which minimizes sweating process. As a result, they remain both dry and clean inner gloves surface;
  • Men's thin leather gloves made of natural materials are much more pleasant to the body skin;
  • Such a leather does not hinder any movements;
  • Leather gloves look more elegant and stylish even with a possible resemblance;
  • Wares made of artificial materials are rigid and may even crack at a temperature of -10 C and below.

How to care for unlined men's leather gloves?

Men's leather thin gloves are afraid of getting wet, like any other made from natural materials. But due to the lining lack, they are more susceptible to deformation during improper drying.

In order for them to preserve both beauty and shape for a long time, it is recommended to:

  • dry them away from batteries and other heat sources, pre-placing on cotton cloth (for example, a towel);
  • after the glove dries, treat it with high-quality fat hand cream;
  • to clean heavily soiled gloves, wipe them with a damp cloth. Soap usage is allowed. Manual and machine wash is not recommended.

Where can unlined leather gloves be purchased?

Men's leather thin gloves are not always presented in stores. Manufacturers often do not want to spend money on high-quality leather and high-tech processes, being indispensable conditions for this kind of products manufacturing. Purchasers, in turn, sometimes do not realize gloves without lining look much more advantageous than the rest. Unlike other outlets, there is a wide range of accessories without lining, which allows you to purchase this type of product of almost any color and size in the “Veis” online store.