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Car gloves

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Automobile gloves -18%

Automobile gloves


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Car gloves

The benefit of car gloves is considered to be not only a fashionable accessory, but also a practical item, making driving both comfortable and easy. That is why you should pay attention to the gloves offered in our online store.

Various options suitable for male and female drivers can be found on the pages of our web site. All the models have a high quality material performance, strength and reliability. Being made of genuine leather, car gloves will not wear out, float in hot weather, or be cold at sub-zero temperatures.

What are motorist gloves used for?

Such gloves are able to solve several problems, which may occure while driving at once:

  • Prevent contact with cold wheel. Perhaps the comfortable temperature maintenance for hands is the main task of this accessory. If there is no option to heat the steering wheel, the gloves gonna eliminate the need to contact with icy surface for a long time. Hands will not both blush and ossify while fingers can move freely.
  • Excessive sweating. Car gloves absorb all the natural hands skin secretion, thereby eliminating the likelihood of slipping from the steering wheel.
  • "Naughty" steering wheel. With the right choice of material, driver's gloves significantly improve hand grip on the steering wheel, which contributes to confident and easier maneuvers execution.
  • Skin damage. When driving for a long time, drivers may experience rubbing traces on the delicate hands skin - right up to corns. Gloves allow you to preserve the natural beauty of women's palms.

Glove care

As a rule, leather car gloves are not treated with water repellents so that hands can breathe, wearing them. That is why most manufacturers recommend to exclude the product contact with any liquids, snow and decorative cosmetics in order to avoid discoloration.

To make an order of gloves in our online store you should choose the appropriate option and use the online form. Our experts will contact you to clarify and generate the desired order as soon as possible.