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Интернет магазин качественных перчаток и брендовой продукции. Широкий ассортимент цветов и разнообразие моделей по сезону

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About store

“Veis” is a great online store of quality gloves and brand accessories, offering a wide range of products in stock. Both women and men leather gloves for any weather, car gloves, glasses, umbrellas can be found on our website.

There are little shops boasting a broad range of colors, models, and season option. You will be able to choose the right dimension with the help of our specialist. All the rest is your own taste matter.

Leather gloves — season hallmark or classic?

A majority of purchasers are wondering about trends, trying to figure out the most popular options. Although leather gloves will always remain in fashion, having already become classics for each customer.

That's because leather has a long durability, being able to withstand any loads, minimal cuts and breaks. Moreover, it fits any style, completing your look. Such a quality result is reached thanks to special modern technologies' usage, not inferring to the branded options.

Quality gloves can be shortened or lengthened, with or without lining, insulated with fur, wool, etc. Special fingerless gloves are offered for car guys. The right size should be chosen. What is needed for this?

  • Be sure to find out the exact size of your own hand.
  • Decide on the gloves model, depending on the season.

It should be clear high-quality leather gloves can be sewn not only under branded models and in Italy. There are quite a few manufacturers, including replicas, which are of perfect quality, being affordable in price. They are definitely produced from a high quality leather.

"Veis" online shop — order benefits

Gloves and other accessories of our online store will delight every customer. After all, you receive not just a quality product, but also a high service, as well as promptly delivery.

It is possible to carry out the order right on the website, as well as using the specified numbers. Experts will help you with choice, issuing the order with delivery all over Ukraine in convenient ways.

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